Celebrate Halloween during the month of October with New Horizon Mall. We have a fun scavenger hunt for the kids where they can show off their halloween costumes and collect a prize.



How Does It Work?

1) Come to New Horizon Mall with your favourite Halloween costume

2) We have 4 Photo booths located throughout the mall (see below), there is a QR code at each photo booth. When the QR code is scanned it will give you a “secret code”.

3) Collect all 4 secret code words and take them to Sky Castle to collect a prize.

4) Have Fun!

* In order to ensure as many children get to participate, there is a 1 prize per child rule.



Photo Locations

Start Location

Mall Atrium


The Atrium is located in the centre of New Horizon Mall
See Map

Second Location - West Entrance

The west side entrance of New Horizon Mall is where you will find the second photo area and QR code.

West Entrance

The second QR code is located at the west entrance
See Map

East Entrance

The Third QR code is located at the east entrance of the mall.

East Entrance

This photo station is on the east side entrance
See Map

Final Location

The last QR location will be found at Sky Castle

Sky Castle

The Final Code Word will be found at Sky Castle. Complete all 4 QR scans to get a prize.
See Map

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